Whole fruit that’s perfect for kids.

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The Wholesome Benefits of Snacking with Sun-Maid.

Raisins have a reputation as a great snack for school-age kids, but children don’t need to wait until the first grade to try raisins for the first time. Here are a few reasons to check out the wholesome snack that’s packed with benefits for kids and parents:

  • Naturally Sweet — With zero added sugars, raisins are a naturally sweet snack that’s free of artificial flavors and additives.
  • Promote Independence — Soft, durable raisins are perfect for letting kids explore their food.
  • Encourage Exploration — As children develop new tastes and discover new flavors, raisins make a good introduction to dried fruits.
  • Mess Free — Where crackers and fresh fruit tend to make a mess, raisins make cleanup easy for parents.

It’s no wonder raisins have a solid reputation as a snack for kids.

As you plan meals throughout your child’s development, keep an eye out for the right time to add in raisins — you might be able to start your kids down a road to healthy snacking earlier than you think. Because goodness really is delicious.

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